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    Sol baby unicorns 3D

    Sol baby unicorns

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    6,888 Cutest 3D Baby Unicorns living on the Solana Blockchain. Pre-Sale 02.22.22

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    logo Sol unicorns 3D

    Sol unicorns 3D

    Sol unicorns

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Our Story!

Worlds have emerged, and so did the enchantress Aurie. She is notorious for conjuring up spectacular illusions and creatures. Others consider her magic unnatural, but Aurie doesn’t think so. She tried to create purebred magical unicorns — so unique that they could be collected if desired. However, something went bananas, and Aurie’s spell got tweaked… Magical unicorns were formed as a result, absorbing the brightest qualities of popular characters.




hero american

This was my dream growing up. To have a stadium full of people chanting your name must be exhilarating!

hero airline

He likes airplanes and Martini. Shaken, not stirred.

hero inmate

I feel the need — the need for freedom! Am I talking to myself again?

hero hawaiian

Over 3000 islands. For some it’s a сurse. For Hawaiian unicorn… it’s a paradise.

hero astronaut

He likes repeating just one phrase over and over again. Houston, we have a problem, do we?

hero spider

Spider-Unicorn cherishes his uncle's ‘with great power comes great responsibility’ motto.

hero medic

Clean medical coat, Hippocratic oath, and nothing else matters…

hero nba

Harder, Faster, Stronger — this unicorn chooses basketball for life.

hero zeus

You don't mess with the Zeus Unicorn, he has thunderbolts under his belt.

hero neo

Follow the white rabbit just the way I did and don’t forget your night-black glasses!

hero bb

I’m not in the meth business. I’m in the empire business. And yeah… stay out of my territory!

hero apocalyps

It’s alive! It’s alive!
He’s not as evil as you think…



Phase1: SEED

- Introducing website design & rollout. On-site updates, polishing, and final touches.

- Featuring elaborated lore and storylines. We’ve carefully picked a story to fit each unicorn.

- Building community and raising its awareness. Interacting with our community.

- Opening pre-sale whitelist for dedicated members. Early adopters get rewarded.

Phase 2: LAUNCH

- 7,777 Unicorn's Collection has been minted. Each unicorn has a randomized set of treats ranging by rarity.

- Active members & contributors get NFT airdrops. Early supporters and active social media members get a chance to win some free NFTs.

- Major listing on MagicEden, SolSea, Solanart, and others. Getting traction on prominent Solana marketplaces.



- $Token airdrop for all Sol Unicorns NFT holders. All members will get our native token.

- Sweep floor initiative — 10% of to keep NFT pricing high. We’ll buy back some of the cheapest on-market unicorns to keep the selling price comfy for our community.

- Preparing for the next NFT airdrop. All Sol Unicorns NFT holders will participate in upcoming NFT airdrop events.


- Bringing in a brand new P2E game release. Dive into Sims-inspired gameplay filled with unicorns.

- Launching in-game house building & furnishing. Build your own house for $Token and furnish it with designed furniture.

- Announcing new unicorn NFTs and a female NFT collection. Featuring such unicorns as thieves and hackers.



  1. What is Sol Unicorns 3D?

    Sol Unicorns 3D is a collection of 7,777 unique NFT unicorns, each having a set of randomly generated traits

  2. Why did you choose Solana?

    Blazing speed, barely noticeable gas fees, and an ever-growing community worldwide!

  3. What wallet can I connect to mint a Sol Unicorns 3D?

    You can connect Phantom, Slope, Solflare, Sollet. Our choice is the Phantom wallet

  4. How to connect my wallet?

    Click on the Connect wallet button if you already have a wallet. if not — go to phantom.app and create your wallet

  5. How to mint?

    Connect your wallet on our website once minting is on. Then click the Mint button

  6. What`s the mint date?

    Pre-sale mint for WL applicants starts on January 9th. The public mint for everyone else will be held on January 16th

  7. What’s the mint price?

    Pre-sale mint cost 0.7 Sol, while the public mint cost 1.5 Sol

  8. How can I get WL?

    Join our discord server to participate in giveaways, raffles, and events to get whitelisted discord.gg/solunicorns

  9. How should I know how rare is my Unicorn?

    Stay tuned for updates in our official Discord group discord.gg/solunicorns

  10. What should I do after minting my Sol Unicorn?

    To get maximum benefits, you may want to hold it for extra rewards and in-game perks.

  11. Why should I hold Sol Unicorns 3D?

    Holding rewards you perks such as P2E game, NFT & Token drops, priority access for future NFT collections, and more.

How to mint

  • hero samurai
  • hero astronaut
  • hero breaking bad
  1. Buy sol from an exchange
  2. Buy SOL from your favorite crypto exchange. If you plan on converting another crypto into SOL, the easiest way is still using an exchange. Here are a few suggestions: Coinbase, Kraken, FTX, Binance, Huobi, Bitfinex

  3. Transfer from exchange to wallet
  4. Transfer funds from your exchange to your wallet. Always transfer a bit more than what you plan on spending to pay for gas. Solana is practically free but there is still a small gas fee.

  5. Download and install a sol wallet
  6. For Desktop/Laptop, use Phantom on your browser.

    For Mobile, use Solflare

  7. Mint your NFT
  8. On January 16th, 2022, 5PM EST come to our website and mint your own Sol Unicorn. There will be a MINT button clearly visible on the home page — you won’t miss it.


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